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What is an Out-of-Pocket Limit?

Annual out-of-pocket maximums are part of nearly every health plan, offering protection against high medical bills. This limit is the most a policyholder is required to pay each year in

How To Not Get Ripped Off

According to the US Census Bureau, there are nearly 20 million self employed people in the United States and that number is expected to continue rising. It’s hard enough to

Health Insurance CEO Salary

Health plan CEO pay remains high despite MLR cuts. Executives at the largest stockholder-owned plans still make millions, even with reductions in internal spending. Well you asked for it. I

Health Insurance Brokers and Commissions

Many times I see in my Google Analytics that people want to know what is the average commissions paid to health insurance brokers?  Where does this curiosity come from?  Most

Health Insurance Applications

Alright, you’ve got your numbers together and know what kind of policy and coverage you would prefer.  Now comes the part that could potentially be tricky: submitting the application.  There

Health Insurance Fraud. What is it?

Health Care Costs and Fraud After watching the 60 Minutes piece on Medicare fraud a few weeks ago, where we learned that the city of Miami was a hotbed for

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

An Explanation of Benefits, or EOB, is a form filled out by a health insurer and sent to a policy holder to indicate the health care services for which the

Experimental Treatments and Health Insurance

Though alternative medicine may sometimes be labeled by insurers as experimental, there is a broad definition – usually made by insurers – for experimental treatment. As individual health insurance does

Electronic Medical Records

The future of health care is here now. Electronic Medical Records offer the most innovative and helpful medical tool since antibiotics, if people and the medical field are willing to

Elective Surgery and Your Health Insurance

What is Elective Surgery? A procedure that will potentially improve the quality of your life, though not considered medically necessary, is an elective surgery. If a doctor or insurance company