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Eligible Employees for Group Plans

In order to participate in a group health insurance, an employee must meet a few basic criteria (though this is likely to change in the coming years).  Part time employees

Group Health Insurance

Types of Group Health Insurance Group health insurance in the United States is administered in much the same way as individual health insurance, which is of course, the unique managed

Consumer Driven Health Plans

One of the solutions being advocated as a possible solution in the health care reform debates are consumer-directed health plans. The goal here is to make consumers (the patients) more

Temporary Employees and Health Insurance

Temporary positions of employment often do not provide health insurance, unless offered through the government or certain educational institutions. Other times, staffing agencies offer their temp workers a health plan,

Smoking and Health Insurance Premiums

First of all, I got the idea for this post from a great website about smoking cessation that posted a comment on another article of mine and pinged it. 

When is Preventive Care Free?

Preventive Services Covered at 100% Preventive care services are covered in full when you visit in-network providers. However, you may be billed depending on the outcome of the service and

What is Gardasil?

Gardasil is a vaccine created by Merck and Co. In 2006 it was approved by the FDA for use in women as a vaccination against the HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV

Prescription Only Plans, What Are They?

Some health insurance companies have made it possible to have a stand-alone pharmacy plan, not integrated with other medical benefits. Unfortunately for us individual health plan advocates, these plans tend

What is an Out-of-Pocket Limit?

Annual out-of-pocket maximums are part of nearly every health plan, offering protection against high medical bills. This limit is the most a policyholder is required to pay each year in

Open Enrollment, What Does it Mean?

Open enrollment marks a specific time of year in several types of coverage including group health insurance, Medicare, and most recently the Health Insurance Marketplace, when eligible applicants can choose