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Limited Benefit

This type of coverage offers a cash payout to cover medical expenses of your choice. The policy guidelines will indicate any restrictions on how the benefit can be used. It’s a great option if you want to access benefits without waiting periods and deductibles.

Short-term Medical

Temporary health insurance is a plan that lasts for a limited time to bridge to your next source of coverage, especially when you unexpectedly lose your insurance, a short-term medical plan is a great option when you’re subject to the waiting periods and application processing times of a major medical plan.


Accident coverage is designed to help cover deductible gaps and daily living expenses with a cash benefit for unexpected injuries. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be covered in the event of an accident.

Critical Illness

This specialized insurance provides a lump-sum, tax-free payment should a policyholder suffer from certain specific critical conditions.

Hospital Indemnity

This plan pays you benefits when you are confined to a hospital, whether for planned or unplanned reasons, or for other medical services, depending on the policy.

Prescription Discount Cards

With this product you can receive great savings on prescription medications that are negotiated with certain pharmacies helping you save money when these are not covered by your insurance.


We will help individuals and families find a plan that offers the most benefits for the least money. Keeping the unique qualities of each individual in mind, an agent is your gateway to coverage, eliminating the guesswork and providing real solutions.
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Offered to qualifying US Citizens over the age of 65 for hospital insurance and medical coverage, we will help you find the perfect plan. We offer the top-rated, premier companies in the nation including UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, AARP, and more.  
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