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In the United States, health insurance for college students seems to be one of the last things that people think about due to the fact that many parents have had enough of their children by the time they get to college and are headed off to the Bahamas to go on a drinking binge.

…And when was the last time you met a college student concerned about health insurance?

Yes, it’s been a long time.  So, couple that fact with the unfortunate truth that most colleges have awful health insurance programs, and actually sell these policies to students as a health insurance broker would, even receiving the insurance commission in the case of some colleges.

What is the problem with this?  Because, these are limited benefit health insurance plans.  There are caps on benefits for certain injuries or illness and cannot be counted for catastrophic events.  Or, you have the other extreme, which is when the policies are only for catastrophic events and not for anything else.  So, again, in this case if your child were to develop a chronic condition that left them incapacitated or needing constant treatments these policies would exhaust quickly.

The Affordable Care Act also eliminated much of the need for student insurance by extending the deadline for dependent coverage to age 26. But, once you have a chronic illness or injury you can forget about ever (yes, ever) obtaining an individual health insurance policy.

That is the sad truth, that we live in a country that will let its medical profession turn away our sick in lieu of money.

That is why it is so important to obtain a PERMANENT Health Insurance policy for your college student throughout their college experience.  The alternative is scary.

The best part of this though, is that these plans are cheap!  18 year old males are one of the cheapest demographics in health insurance.  18 year old females on the other hand can be a little pricier, but Aetna, for instance, offers a terrific health insurance policy for young people male or female that is under $100 per month.  (This varies according to state.)

Now the actual post, because most U.S. colleges and universities including most state schools require students to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment, a student can provide their own private health insurance through their parent’s existing coverage or some schools will offer insurance through one specific carrier. Several state schools offer health insurance however our agents have typically seen these prices to be higher then the private individual insurance East Coast insurance can offer. Students and their parents are frequently motivated to find alternative coverage that may offer better protection at a lower price.

It is possible for most healthy students to find lower price protection with stronger catastrophic coverage with a wider range of providers on a national basis using the plans listed on a state-by-state basis at Since each student’s situation is different and sometimes even schools have different requirements, it pays to take a few minutes to speak with an agent an East Coast Health Insurance broker.


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