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Sure, it’s not all tofu and power walks; Colorado has the nation’s most microbreweries, and the humble cheeseburger got its start here. But the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did rank the state as having the nation’s lowest levels of adult obesity. Yes, these benefits owe a lot to the state’s bike trails, pathways, and natural beauty, but Colorado health insurance coverage plays no small role. That’s why you need to contact East Coast Health Insurance, the leading health insurance brokerage! Call us anytime at (888) 803-5917, or explore us online for a personalized Colorado health insurance quote.

There’s no better time to contact us at East Coast Health Insurance, the leading health insurance brokerage. Whether you’re in the market for a basic policy or full coverage for you and your family, we carry every type of plan — both on and off the marketplace. We only offer plans from reputable health insurance companies, all of which must be licensed with a state-specific health insurance company.

What’s more, these companies must first undergo and pass our thorough product testing. We won’t hesitate to drop Colorado health insurance companies that fail our testing, as well as those that sought to increase coinsurance levels of exposure and try to mask it with lower health insurance premiums. Our agents and customer service representatives will address all of your questions and concerns, including those for: pricing, plan types (HMO, PPO, POS, government/employer plans), and specific policy matters, such as preexisting conditions.

Colorado Health Insurance Plan Types

At East Coast Health Insurance, we’re bringing a wide array of affordable health insurance options to millions of consumers. We’re proud to offer the largest pool of Colorado health insurance quotes available.

But the truth is, Colorado and quality health insurance go hand-in-hand. If you’ve spent any time at all in the “Centennial State,” you know that there are countless natural attractions – majestic mountains, lush forests, bountiful wildlife – ideal for living a healthy lifestyle. No wonder this state inspired the national anthem, “America the Beautiful!”

For the most part Colorado health insurance is similar to the entire country in that the health insurance plans here include the oldies but goodies from Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem here in Colorado is the owner of Blue Cross Colorado), Cigna, Humana, United Health One, and Kaiser Permanente, the great HMO.
Colorado Health Insurance Companies

By and large, there are five main Colorado health insurance carriers that provide the widest range of benefits for Colorado’s insurance shoppers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and United. If you want Blue Cross Blue Shield, you’re in luck, as it’s offered by the well-respected insurance giant Anthem, which oversees many other states’ Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Anthem’s products are often rated highest among the individual health insurance companies. However, residents of Colorado also have a great regional carrier offering affordable coverage, Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

Look, we know that purchasing health insurance is not an easy decision. You and your loved ones need to understand how your plan will benefit your health. And you need to be able to work these monthly premiums into your budget. At East Coast Health Insurance, we’ll help you to select the ideal policy. It doesn’t matter if you’re uninsured or just searching for a better policy.